About Our Restaurant

About Our Restaurant

Local & Sustainable Components

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Agave Restaurants serve contemporary Mexican food using hand-crafted, fresh, natural ingredients, no preservatives, trans fats or lard. Sustainable seafood, free-range, hormone-free chicken, beef, eggs, rice & beans. Most of our food is gluten-free with the main exception being the flour tortillas and we offer vegan & vegetarian options.

Our menu is rooted in “traditional Mexican food” but adjusted to modern tastes and trends. Today, diners have converted their dining habits, eating a multitude of fresh flavors and textures, so smaller plates are in demand. In addition guests want “affordability”, which we offer. Ingredients are fresh, natural and free of preservatives, trans-fats or lard. Organic and local products are used when possible. We make all items from scratch including sauces, fillings, tortillas, and guacamole. Everything is cooked to order with our main focus on flavor and quality. Fresh natural juices, fruits and purees are used in our signature margaritas and specialty cocktails. At Agave Restaurants we have over 160 tequilas, known to be the largest selection of sipping tequilas in Washington State.

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